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Chick Chat May 2013

from the FOUR Hennys and me
by Jo Pitt

It has been a quiet month at the Henny’s this month with production now more regularly 5 eggs a day and sometimes 4. The Henny’s are all doing well and enjoying the turn in the weather. They have been having some apple cider in their water as a tonic and to aid gut health and are not being let loose over the whole garden as much now as young shoots seem very tempting and even when they are not eating the garden they seem to be scratching up the plant labels. As my gardening is even weaker than my chicken knowledge I’m bound to end up with some very weirdly named plants.

Sadly one of their garden companions died this month. The white cat that was run over about 18 months ago sadly developed cancer. Maybe at some time we’ll get a new kitten – I wonder what havoc that will bring about! By next month I’m sure I’ll be heavily into the fight against the mites – hey ho!

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