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Gislingham website redesign – the story

The story of the Gislingham Village Website redesign is now featured on the website of .Net magazine telling about how it was used as a mentoring project for budding up-and-coming web designers, under the watchful eye of freelancer Laura Kalbag. Laura also gives her report on the project on her own website.

The original impetus for the redesign came when site owner Mallen Baker started up the Daisywheel Interactive web design company – and felt that there really shouldn’t be something hanging around that was quite so out of date as the village website!

But then the company took off – and things got busy. Having made a certain amount of progress on the redesign, the question was just how it was going to get done?

The answer came in the form of an experiment. Experienced and well respected web designer Laura Kalbag announced that she would be seeking a project to use as a vehicle to provide mentoring for some up and coming designers. Given its community purpose and not-for-profit nature, the village website seemed the obvious choice, and Laura accepted the offer to take the project on.

Three keen and talented individuals – Phil Pickering, Sibylle Weber, and Yago Nuchera – were selected from those that applied, and the team took on the brief for the site with care and enthusiasm. They looked at the site, and copies of the Messenger that was to feed in, and produced the result you will see from early June.

Phil also designed the new site logo, drawing from Gislingham’s Viking origins (the logo is freely available to other Gislingham groups to use if wished).

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