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Gislingham Youth Club

Welcome back everyone. The first week back we had a display by the kick boxing club which was enjoyed by everyone and the rest of our programme looks set to keep everyone interested too.

There was a meeting this month about the potential for more sports facilities and although not many people turned up for the meeting the desires of the youth of the village were represented in that the only positive project requested was that you want a skate park come BMX track.

We will now be forming a committee to take this forward and raise the funds so keep your fingers crossed that there will now be something happening on this front.

Please remember and remind your friends that if you don’t attend the youth club regularly we will end up having to close it as we need a certain number each week to pay for the hire of the village hall.

We have some Wii games now and are planning to purchase a karaoke kit very soon so there are more and more pieces of kit all the time. The club has started to settle and have a more positive approach now with a planned programme that the members have contributed to. However we are always looking for fresh ideas so if you think of anything we would be delighted to hear.

I have been a little slow in contacting everyone to seek parent helpers but will do that this week.

I will also be asking for help with the skatepark project – hopefully with enough people sharing the load it won’t be a big ask for anyone! Any parents who come to collect children are welcome to come into the hall and join in with the final game.

Many thanks and please contact us if you can be of any help or have ideas.
The Team: Jo Pitt – 788795, Diana Kearsley – 783061


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