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Neighbourhood Watch

After my last report stating how lucky we are living in such a safe village, no less than four incidents have recently reared their heads!

On September 18th, between 1.30 and 5.30pm a heavy concrete and brass sundial together with two ornate chimney pots were stolen from the garden of South View ,Finningham Road, Gislingham. Did you see people or a vehicle acting suspiciously in that area? If so please notify the police on 101.

We all have valuable items in our gardens, sheds and garages. Secure them the best you can and try marking them with your postcode and ask neigh- bours to keep an eye out when you are not at home.

Secondly, as already reported in the last Messenger but worth repeating as
it may jog a memory. Between end of bell ringing practice on Wednesday August 7th and Sunday 11th someone broke into the bell tower at St Marys Church and stole a box which was fixed to the wall & contained £60 – £80 which had been collected from the bell ringers. The door lock was not very secure and it was easily forced. Sadly, a number of Churches in the area have also suffered thefts recently; so if anyone saw anything suspicious around this time, or sees anyone acting suspiciously in future, do please call the police on 101.

Thirdly, it appears that a person has been calling door-to-door trying to sell Stihl chainsaws at exceptionally low prices. If you have any information about this chap, please let trading standards at Mid-Suffolk know on 0854 040506, or the police on 101.

Finally an act of anti-social behaviour on the Charity Meadow. Somebody has been practicing casting a fishing line with a 5 ounce weight attached to a very weak line. Inevitably the line broke & a 5 ounce lead missile was launched! It landed in the garden of a house in Martins Meadow – fortunately not dam- aging the property or the small dogs which are often in the garden. Please desist if it was you; let me know if you are aware of the caster & I’ll return his weight!

Arthur Kitson, 01379 783211

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