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Magic leaf fall

This is the time of year when I seem to accumulate large amounts of green garden debris most of which is generated by pruning the shrubs, fruit trees and bushes along with clearing the vegetable plot. I am a great lover of bonfires but conscious they are viewed as somewhat anti-social by neighbours, so these days I direct most of the cuttings as possible onto my compost heaps.

The considerable collection of fallen leaves that are attracted to my garden like magic (I do have a wood at the back) I place in either black plastic sacks (making sure the leaves are damp and the sacks have a few puncture holes) or in an enclosure made with chicken wire to rot down into wonderful leaf mould. The really woody prunings I shred up and either add to the compost heap or scatter around the flower beds as mulch. I do have a brown bin which is normally used to accommodate the never ending supply of convolvulus and ground elder that defeat all my attempts at control let alone eradication. Weapons of mass-destruction perhaps are needed.

With the recent mild weather Barbara has managed to plant out spring bedding for the flower beds and we should have a great show of one of my favourites, wallflowers. The earlier you can get the plants into the ground the better they will survive the winter weather and give you a glorious scented show in the spring. It has been pretty wet during November, so the lawns still flourish. You can continue mowing but make sure the blades of your mower are set to a higher level. Once the temperature drops, the growth will slow down so I normally stop in December and give the mower a good clean and get it serviced before stowing it away for the winter.

May I wish all our green fingered readers a happy Christmas and great gardening for 2014.

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