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A quiet month!

There have been no reports which have reached me about any criminal or anti-social behaviour in the Village this month.

The Police have sent around an email advertising a second wave of free catalytic converter marking sessions. Unfortunately they did not publicise them at a time which allowed the message to be publicised in the Messenger.

This happens from time-to-time. Some Neighbourhood Watch groups have an email distribution system, whereby the Co-ordinator can send an email alert to all in the group (or as many as wish to join & are connected to email) of matters of interest – e.g. the theft of heating oil or the touting of ‘suspect’ Stihl chainsaws, as reported a month or two ago.

If you would value being connected in this way, do drop me an email on & I will set up a distribution list.

Arthur Kitson (Co-ordinator)

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