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Youth club update

All is well at the Youth Club. We have purchased some more table tennis balls and some balls for dodgeball and plan to carry out repairs to some of the other equipment over the half term.

We had tentatively planned to have a sleepover on the 7th March but had forgotten that the Variety Club would still be rehearsing at that time so have postponed that until after Easter.

Instead on the 7th March we will be having another pizza night (so £2 that night) followed by a film night the following week which will be ALL STARS – about a group of children saving their Youth Club. If you would like to come with/without siblings to watch that with us you will be most welcome. The week after we will be making pizzas and the following week we will be blowing eggs and decorating them.

I have only had 2 letters back so far for planning a trip! If we are going to go then I will need to send out a request for ticket payment in advance after the half term.

We are still desperate to get helpers – either parent helpers for one session a term or someone who would like to join the team and do perhaps 3 or 4 sessions a term. We really need the help if you could manage any help we will be grateful.

Jo Pitt (01379 788795 ), Diana Kearlsey, Linda Anderson

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