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Chick chat – May 2014

Hello to all the busy gardeners and animal keepers in the village. Trying to keep down weeds (unwanted plants) and animal infestations (very unwanted) whilst tending to the growing of wanted

plants can be quite exhausting. I have been busy with planting seedlings, and any spares that I can’t fit into my garden are being grown on in pots for the BIG PLANT SALE.

All of the Hennies are well and producing a regular 4 and sometimes 5 eggs a day at the moment. The fight against the mites etc goes on and I have fumigated the henhouse. I am also trying two natural tonics which may also have an affect on the insects – apple vinegar into their water (supposed to help their gut and act as a tonic, but may also make their blood less tasty, and garlic granules into their feed which may also make them less attractive to the biters. They seem to be doing pretty well at the moment so I’ll keep an eye on them and report back.

The mad kitten with extra toes has finished his cold thank goodness. He is still acting as the other half’s fur collar whenever he gets a chance and a lady visiting to play Bridge was quite shocked when he suddenly leapt onto her shoulder!

Smoky, the older (and grey coloured) cat has been bullied a bit by Sooty lately – poor thing. We have started feeding Sooty and then shutting him out while we feed Smoky just to give him a fighting chance.

The only one giving us cause for concern at the moment is the scruffy dog Bandit. He has developed some lumps on his neck which appear painless but which have grown in size. He then went off his food so he is now on anti inflammatory/painkillers and having chicken for tea! His appetite has perked up so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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