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Parish council update

The Parish Council Meeting held on 18 August was relatively short due a seasonal reduction in council business.

After some intervention by Cllr Jessica Fleming (our County Councillor), Suffolk County Council Highways Dept confirmed that the replacements for the village sign on the Mellis Rd and the 30mph sign on Finningham Rd were both on order and should be delivered by the end of the month. (Watch this space!) We were given an report on the state of the footpaths and most of the work reported to SCC by Cllr Adams had been completed, was underway, or was planned. Work is in hand to repair the surface of the toddler’s area in the Adventure Playground and a recent Safety Inspection has revealed some minor low risk, but no medium or high risk, issues. The War Memorial in the churchyard is due to be refurbished in mid September – well before Remembrance Sunday on 9 November. Following investigation and excellent work by Cllr Kitson, some measures have been identified to try and reduce the flood risk in the Mill St area of the village and landowners will be reminded by letter of the work they should do to assist in maintaining good drainage.

Importantly, we have had notice that Mill St will be closed for up to 2 weeks in the area of the Chapel farm development to permit connection to the sewer system. The published dates are 22 September to 6 October but it is highly unlikely that the road will be closed for the full two weeks. There will be published diversions via Wickham Skeith and Thornham Magna but local knowledge can be used to utilise shorter diversion routes.

The next Parish Council Helpdesk will be held on Saturday 6 September from 10a.m.-12 noon in the Village Hall, and the next Parish Council Meeting will be on 15 September starting at 7:30pm.

Generally, the first point of contact for any matters to do with the Parish Council is the Parish Clerk, Mr Terry Williams on gislinghamparishcouncil@ or by phone on 01379 783903. The alternative is Cllr Chris Pitt at or 01379 788795.

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