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Youth Club update

Dear Members, Parents and Carers

Gislingham Youth Club will restart on the 12th September and we will be starting with doing some cooking on a barbecue so please would all of the members bring whatever they would like to cook.

I am planning on redecorating the storeroom soon and will send notes home about that – working clothes needed plus some parental help for the heavier items please.

As mentioned before we are planning a wide range of events for this term including film nights, football and rugby skills, cookery, a beauty night for the girls (and mums) and some trips out once we can borrow the school bus and driver.

I will be sending out the rota soon so if you have received one please let me know what you can manage as soon as possible so that I can plan.

We would very much like to form a ‘governing committee’ so if you could manage an hour every term to help us in this way we would be very grateful – please let me know (number below). We would REALLY like to add another regular (though on rota) leader to the team. If you think you could manage 1.5 hours a month we would love to hear from you.

Jo Pitt (01379 788795 ), Diana Kearsley, Vickie Towndrow

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