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Chick chat

It is a strange thing (for me) to say but I think my mad little cat Sooty was grieving for his friend Bandit (the dog who died about 3 months ago). He is now recovering well and doesn’t look so sad. In fact he has now gone back to jumping up and pretending to be the other half ’s fur collar again and he was so pleased that the cat was feeling better that he didn’t mind – much! Aren’t animals (and other halves) funny and surprising.

Smokey, the older cat doesn’t seem to have suffered the same way and is fit and healthy.

The four Hennies are all well and laying 3 eggs a day. Two of them have recently started escaping. How do birds of small brains learn to go round and round and get me into a pickle in the shrubbery? Well they do. They turn and dart around into another inaccessible spot just as I get close to them – and with no intentions other than to return them to food and water and their companions. You’d think I was about to do them mischief as they cluck in complaint before running away each time.

George the Cockerpoo is just fine. He is going to training classes and doing pretty well there. I am hoping that its the intelligence of the poodle half coming through. He really wants to please which makes training a lot easier. He still has play dates with his brother Henry (who lives next door) and they have both visited the seaside recently – though not together. It is still very difficult to tell them apart – only collar colours to be certain. George can be very amusing in the way he plays by himself. He can now throw the tennis ball into the air and then chase after it and amuse himself for ages. When he wants to charge over to say hello it is usually just after he has had a drink (which means the ears have been in the water too). A very wet book or newspaper is the result. George was out and about this weekend – Flower Festival and singers – so maybe we saw you for a chat.

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