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Neighbourhood watch update

Earlier this month a resident in the High Street reported that several builders buckets had been stolen from her home – they had been left by her garage door. These may have little intrinsic value, but do be careful when leaving items in clear view if you don’t want to lose them. If you noticed someone in the High st with a couple of large black buckets, though….

A sharp-eyed resident of Mill St saw a group of men at 3.00am looking into gardens etc with torches. They could have been looking for suitable properties to rob, so do take the usual precautions.

They may have been looking for oil tank locations! The Police arranged a seminar on oil thefts recently & apparently in the Mid-Suffolk region there were 38 cases in the preceding 6 weeks! Where the oil goes to is unknown, but it is believed the thieves use it instead of diesel fuel. The Police recommend that all oil tanks are screened if possible (half of thefts were from tanks readily seen from the road) or surrounded with ‘defensive planting’ – barbed shrubs that can collect DNA by drawing the thieves blood! Tanks should be locked with as good a padlock as you can manage, covered by automatic lighting which scares them off, apparently and/or alarmed. Some leaflets were circulated for a company called Fuelshield, whose product sounds an alarm if the filler or inspection cover is tampered with & will text to up to 3 moblles – apparently owners have been informed whilst on holiday & called police. I have a few leaflets if anyone is interested.

We can also be vigilant – a stash of 25litre containers were found hidden behind a hedge, which were waiting to be filled; oil delivery vehicles can be suspect – a very old one was used for theft – and the ubiquitous ‘white transit van’ has frequently been used, equipped with battery-driven pumps ready to remove a residents expensive oil rapidly into their waiting containers. The Police welcome any calls reporting sightings of suspicious containers, people, vehicles, which they are happy to follow up – so if you see anything whilst walking the dog or out & about, make a note or telephone 101.

Arthur Kitson

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