Archive: Sun Aug 2015

New plants from old

One topic that readers have asked me about recently is propagation or producing new plants from old. Raising your own new plants from existing stock provides a free source of young healthy plants with a supply that can be infinite, as each year’s growth provides new material. You know just what you are getting too, since propagation from cuttings, division or layering produces

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John Watson and the origins of the Watson Bowl

September 2015 marks the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Gislingham Village Hall and there will be a special celebration on Saturday 12 September to mark the occasion. So this month it seems timely to write about Phillip Watson the “project manager” for the building of the Village Hall, and his son, John Watson.

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Guardians of Gislingham

By the time you read this the first skirmish in the proposal to build 40 houses on the Greenfield site behind Westview Gardens and the Church will probably be over – the proposal will be considered by the MSDC Development Committee on Wednesday 26th August – and we will know if the outline planning permission

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