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Bedswapping in the hen house

At the time of writing this the list above is not quite accurate as Henry, George’s brother, has come to visit us for a week or so. His owners are on holiday prior to moving to Mill Street and it seemed a real shame for the dogs to miss out on their walks if Henry went to a kennels. So he is here for his holiday instead. This has caused some confusion for Sooty who now has mirror image problems of puppies wanting to bounce around and he howled then jumped onto our neighbours back. I’m sure it will all calm down quickly!

We had only just said goodbye to a visiting Rhodesian Ridgeback who had decided that George’s bed was just right for her (something of a squeeze) and now Henry has decided he likes George’s bed too. George doesn’t seem unhappy though. He has moved into Henry’s bed!

The Hennies are doing well though one (Miss Bossy I think) seems to have gone ‘off lay’. We are still not having the problems with red mite that we used to get but I am continuing to be vigilant and carry out the usual powdering of their house and them. Even though they have a roof over their main area they look a bit bedraggled today in the rain. Tomorrow it should change and be back to sunshine for a few days but in the meantime I feel sorry for our local farmers – trying to get their crops in when the weather is so topsy turvy. Also the children don’t have that much longer before they go back to school so sunshine would be good for them too – rather than the sun coming out just as they go back to school as always seemed to happen when I was at school.

Well hopefully you will all get the weather you need or want before the autumn starts. Hope you managed to come and see the flower displays at the church over the Bank Holiday weekend – always a wonderful sight.

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