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Chickens help with the weeding

Hello again. The rain is pouring down outside and the roads are chocker block with people desperately trying to get away on holiday – so it must be the start of the school holidays and summertime in England.

A couple of weeks ago we were very lucky for the Gislingham Summer Fair and had fantastic weather – lots of pictures in the centre of the magazine (including one of George – who won some rosettes).

The Hennies have managed to keep laying with only a small drop off in quantity. I was a bit cross this week – mostly with myself as I must have been the one who didn’t close their gate properly. We came back after a day out to find all of the Hennies were out and they had started weeding every bed in the garden so that there was a huge mess everywhere!! George was a star on the day of the Fair and I had not had him trimmed so that he would be how I prefer him – Hairy Maclairy – for the show but he was off for a summer trim straight afterwards. I’m sure he was glad of it in the hot weather!

Both of the cats have been very sensible and have found cool spots to rest in or have come indoors during the hottest times. Sooty’s eye is weeping again and he’s sneezing from time to time – much to the other halfs disgust as it seems the exertion of getting onto the his shoulders sets the cat off on a sneezing bout!

As far as we know this is all brought about by a cat flu type virus even though the Cat Protection people gave him medication to prevent it as soon as they got him he had probably already been infected. Even though this is a milder version it is still not very nice so protection as soon as possible is definitely better than seeing a cat going through this illness. The final note this month is that – so far – the Hennies have remained bug free but I’m watching carefully and hoping it stays that way. Wishing you all a lovely summer.

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