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Gislingham skate park

Just a quick update after Gislingham Skate Park committee met last evening (18 th May). We discussed the forthcoming Summer Fair, sadly, after several enquiries and quotes, it is way too expensive to provide a

demonstration or equipment for young people to use at the Fair. However, we are planning a stall and other activities, including a raffle with a Skateboard as the prize!

We currently have a tiny percentage of the total cost of this project and all monies will need to be fundraised by ourselves. The project is therefore not taking money from any other aspiration or project that might be wanted for Gislingham. Anybody is free to plan and fundraise for what interests them and others.

You will see the photo, which is a Skate park similar to the one we hope to build. It is sunken so as to be as unobtrusive as possible, it has an anti-graffiti coating and a low acoustic surface to minimise sound, these obviously raise the cost but were considered essential. The area will also be surrounded by a hedge to further reduce sound and also blend into the meadow. This kind of park is for use by all ages of children from 2 years upwards. Young children can ride their bikes or scooters, run or roll down the slopes! Both bikes and skateboards can be used by older children.

Our next meeting is on Monday 13 th June and it would be great to see even more people attending and supporting us. Please contact us on our Facebook page, if you would like to attend as we have not confirmed the venue as yet.

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