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Parish Council update

Rather than give a summary of the proceedings of the last Parish Council Meeting held on 17 October, I will use this space to make some important announcements.

  1. Those interested in MSDC planning decisions will be pleased to know that Mr Philip Isbell will give a brief presentation followed by a Q&A session preceding the next PCM on Monday 21 November. The session will run from 7pm-7.45pm and will be followed immediately by the monthly PCM. All members of the public are invited both events (no requirement to remain for the PCM).
  2. BT have informed us that they will be removing the BT phone box outside the shop unless we wish to take it on. Taking into account its condition the Parish Council could not identify a good use for it so we are seeing if anyone in the village would like to buy it for £1. The cost of removing it would fall to the purchaser.
  3. The grass cutting contract for the village needs to be relet. There are a number of agencies who have expressed a wish to tender for the contract. If anyone in the village would like to tender they should contact the Parish Clerk as soon as possible to submit their tender by 15 November.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who helped with the litter pick on the morning of Sunday 23 October. Our village looks a good deal better after the effort that was put in by some helping hands. Thank you.

The next Parish Council help desk will be in the Village Hall on Saturday 5 November from 10am to 12 noon. The next Parish Council Meeting will be on Monday 21 November at 7.45 pm.

Generally, the first point of contact for any matters to do with the Parish Council is the Parish Clerk, Mr Terry Williams on gislinghamparishcouncil@ or by phone on 01379 783903. The alternative is Cllr Chris Pitt at or 01379 788795. Full Draft Minutes as well as much other Parish Council information can be found on the Parish Council website at

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