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Ready for the off …

Whether you’re planning a trip for a weekend or a week, there’s always plenty of things you must consider and make sure you remember. Whether it the most important things like your passport and travel insurance or even just remembering your sunglasses. So, imagine planning and packing for a trip that will last eight months, conquering all climates and every occasion.

I’ve lived in Gislingham for most of my life and after education and working locally aged twenty-one I feel this is my optimum time to go travel, see the world and spread my wings. After immense saving and no social life for the last year I feel I’m ready to do so.

The majority of my trip will be spent in New Zealand; however, the trip will commence in Bangkok, Thailand where we will trek and live with locals in their homes in the North of the country. (I somehow feel they will not be cooking us a Sunday roast like mum does!)

We then travel to Sydney before starting our tour round both islands of New Zealand. I’m lucky enough to have family out in New Zealand so my boyfriend and I will stay with relatives for some of the trip and intend to work where possible.

To finish our trip as obviously we will be tired after seven and half months away from work and only working as and when, we finish off our trip in the tropical paradise beaches on the islands that surround Fiji.

So, for each issue of The Messenger, or as long as the Editor lets me! I intend to share just a snippet of my adventures for you at home. Whether it be my finds along the way (good or bad) or what I really miss about home!

For now though I have an early start dealing with the hustle and bustle of airports with numerous transfers all before I even begin my adventure. I will most definitely have mixed emotions when saying my goodbyes to my loved ones, but the excitement is definitely kicking in…

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