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Neighbourhood watch update

The latest crime statistics published by the Police covers December 2016. During that month they show one crime, in Finningham Road – as usual, no details, just a description of ‘public order offence’ During the same period the statistics show 6 ‘crimes’ in or near Mellis & Yaxley – mainly burglaries, so be careful about securing your homes.

There has been an outbreak of Avian Flu at Redgrave. Unfortunately this means that anyone in this area who keeps poultry must continue to keep them indoors.
Police have circulated a warning about sham ‘Trading Standards Officers’ who are calling house to house about roofing repairs. They apparently offer to inspect the roof, then say they can get money towards repairs – and demand a cash advance! No real Trading Standards Officer would call unannounced, they certainly would never ask for money. As always, we must be on our guard against unscrupulous thieves & con-men, whether in person or on-line.

Arthur Kitson – Gislingham Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

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