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Wanted more Friends!!

Friends of St Mary’s, Gislingham, is a charity dedicated to maintaining in good condition the fabric and surroundings of our wonderful medieval church. A recent in depth report has shown that several areas of remedial work are required and plans are being organised for this to be carried out as soon as possible.

All the monies raised by Friends of St Mary’s through our fundraising are ear-marked for this work. There is also a very personal way in which individuals in our community may contribute.   You can become a member of Friends by an annual donation of £10.00 per person or £15.00 per couple. This donation can also be increased at no extra cost if you are a tax payer by gift aiding it.

To become a “Friend” or for more information please contact

Peter Neale, Chairman tel: 01379 783254

or Janet Smyth, Secretary tel: 01379 788949

Thank you.

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