Archive: Fri Mar 2017

Getting started with vegetables

Recently a reader asked me about growing vegetables as they hadn’t a clue. So here for her and anyone else who might be interested are some very general tips to get started. Ambitious vegetable gardens are seldom achievable in a small garden especially if you are planning on swathes of potatoes and brassicas that are

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Parish council update

It has been some months since I last wrote any Parish Council notes but an outstanding result you will read about separately in this Messenger is the Local Council Award presented by SALC at our February meeting. The award was the result of much effort by all members of the Council but especially Terry Williams

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Gislingham’s Kay Mollett to go bald for charity

According to the Diss Express, Gislingham resident Kay Mollett will be getting her head shaved 6pm this Sunday, along with cousin Glen Brewer and friend Trevor Steed, at the Mellis Railway Tavern. The event is in memory of her brother Simon who had a heart attack aged 48. The aim is to raise at least

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