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In conversation with Richard Adams and Michael Stevenson

This month, I talk to Richard Adams and Michael Stevenson, Co-Directors of the forthcoming Gislingham Variety Club production of “When We Are Married” – Thursday 6th to Saturday 8th April, Gislingham Village Hall.

JN: What is the play about?

MS: When We Are Married is a comedy by J. B. Priestley. It was first performed in 1938.A group of three couples, old friends and all married on the same day in the same chapel, gather to celebrate their silver anniversary. When they discover that they are not legally married, each couple initially reacts with proper Victorian horror – what will the neighbours think? – and all three couples find themselves reevaluating their marriages; hovering closely over the proceedings is the Yorkshire Argus’ alcohol-soaked photographer, keen to record the evening’s events for posterity, and a wickedly destructive housekeeper who is hoping to use the couples’ mortification to her own advantage. In the end, of course, everything turns out well, and the play ends on a happy note.

Richard and Michael

JN: It is not a play I am familiar with, why did the Variety Club choose this one?

RA: We chose it because it’s a nice gentle period comedy, with a varied age cast.

JN: How many people in the cast?

RA: In total 13. 

JN: GVC is renowned for lots of singing and dancing at any opportunity, can we look forward to more of the same this time around?

MS: There is a singing tune scene at the end of the show, but to use the verb singing might be a bit generous with the truth!

JN: Do either of you have any experience of Directing a stage production?

MS: Richard has done a couple, but I am a directing Virgin (if that’s allowed)

The cast

JN: What made you want to direct the GVC production?

MS: For me, personally, the chance to be the other side of the ‘camera’.

JN: Now, Richard, you’re one of the two Directors and a Cast member? I thought only the likes of Orson Wells and Clint Eastwood could combine both roles?

RA: Well I like to follow in the footsteps of the greats!

JN: Richard, what’s the hardest part of being a Director and in the cast?

RA: As a director, it can be frustrating not being able to see how the scenes are going; which I appear in, although having said that being part of a directing team means Michael is always there to oversee. things

JN: With just a few days before 1st night, how are rehearsals going?

RA: They are going well, I am quietly confident it will be a great show!

MS: I agree, there is still room for improvement, but we still have a couple more rehearsals to go

JN: Anyone had any “luvvie” moments you can tell us about?

RA: Everybody has been very calm so far, I think the copious amounts of yummy cake have helped to keep the cast sweet!

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