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Sydney, Australia

Jasmine goes to Australia

Although travelling Thailand had ended, our next stop was Sydney, Australia for a few days. Due to our lack of time we were true tourists and saw the monumental sights.

On the first day any fear of height was cured when climbed the harbour bridge. This was a great experience learning about the history and the making of the bridge and standing 134m above sea level at the summit really did offer the best views of the city and of course the Opera House.

Many people see the Opera House from the outside but never see the inside. We took a tour around the inside and saw the amazing architecture and learnt the story behind it and how the designer of the building has never seen the finished building in person. The Sydney opera house is actually two separate buildings, the outside building which is set to look like waves and changes colour dependent on the weather, then the inside where the two do not join.


Whilst there, Sydney was in the middle of  a heatwave with the lowest temperature at night being 30c. Despite this, we didn’t let the heat take its toll on us and ventured on.

Located a few hours outside of Sydney lies the Blue Mountains. Named due to the blue tinge when you see when you look out into the distance. The mountain range consists of a high vegetation of the eucalyptus tree and therefore koala bears. The area also has many grey kangaroos which we were lucky enough to see.


The last day was spent doing the Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach walk. How could we possibly go to Australia and not see Bondi beach? Beautiful sand and you can definitely see why it’s a surfers paradise with those waves. We walked along the coastal walkway to Australia’s second best known beach.

…next stop New Zealand!

next stop ...

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