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Two public consultations

During these autumn months the two district councils, Babergh and Mid Suffolk will complete their move to Endeavour House in Ipswich, the home of Suffolk County Council. This will mean significant changes for many people who work for the two local authorities and there will be one or two things that may take a while to settle down. With all the preparation work leading up to this move, we are confident the service will continue to be efficient and all the information you need and expect will be readily available. There has been some information publicised about this move and the transfer of services, but I am including the key information again for those who may not have seen this and want to contact the district councils. The website has been updated and is now much more ‘user friendly’ with more links etc. making it easier to find what you are looking for.

If you are looking for help in Mid Suffolk, go to or for Babergh enquiries, go to or If you prefer to use the telephone, there is now one telephone number you need to know for local services: 0300 123 4000. For those who prefer a ‘face-to-face’ chat, the Needham reception is still open but the new customer contact centre in Stowmarket is now open and is located on the High Street.

Currently there are two important public consultations being carried out which you may be interested in and want to have ‘your say’ – they both will have an impact on the future of rural Suffolk and some changes relate to your own village.

Firstly, the revised Joint Local Plan has been issued for comment from the public. This is a complex document and needs some time to read but there are parts of it that specifically refer to our area and villages and you may feel you want to make a comment or have a view that you want considered.

The document can be found on the website and the closing date is 17.00 on 10th November 2017 and your comments can be submitted up until this date, ideally online via this website or alternatively, comments can be sent in, either by email: or by telephone: 0300 123 4000 (select option 5, then option 4).

Secondly, the Boundary Commission for England are reviewing the local authority ward boundaries in anticipation of a reduction in councillors representing Mid Suffolk and Babergh District Councils in the 2019 District Councils elections. The proposed revised number in Mid Suffolk is from 40 to 34 elected members which means that the ward boundaries will be revised. This will affect Gislingham and the surrounding villages and you may have a view that is different to the one proposed by the Boundary Commission. This Boundary Commission Review consultation paper can be found at the foot of the first page of this website: under ‘have you say on the new boundary review’ or you can email your views to: The closing date for the public consultation is 17.00 on the 11th December 2017.

You can contact me if you have any local authority queries on:


Tel: 01379 783061     mobile: 07508 520813 / 07889 301417

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