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Neighbourhood Watch – An introduction

Chris Tranter

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a member of the Parish Council and resident of Gislingham and have recently taken over the role of Neighbourhood watch contact from my former Council colleague Arthur Kitson, who after many years sterling work in this position has now moved out of the area.

Currently I am awaiting detailed Neighbourhood Watch statistics / crime information from Suffolk Constabulary and once received will be included in my next report .
We have seen a real change in the structure of Neighbourhoods over the years with people moving away from their extended families.

This can of course leave some people feeling unsupported , especially young families and the elderly, who hugely benefit from having a strong community and neighbours to rely on in times of need.

This is why we want to encourage people to simply say hello to their neighbours….it’s the little and simple things that matter and can make such a big difference to someone’s environment and peace of mind at home.

As I write, this spring will soon be upon us so our advice to help you stay safe and secure is FOLLOW THE BASICS:

  1. If you lock something up on a dark winters night don’t leave it unlocked a brighter spring evening
  2. Keep your valuables and documents safe and secure
  3. Never give out personal details to anybody or your doorstep or by email
  4. Banks etched will NEVER ask you for personal account details by phone or email so DO NOT GIVE THEM
  5. Do not throw away personal utility bills or bank statements without shredding them first
  6. Bogus Callers to your front door. Remember a genuine caller will not mind producing identification with the relevant company authority and will always be happy to return following a written appointment. Remember it’s your front door and do not invite anybody in that you do not want to.

This, as you will be aware is a low crime area and with your vigilance and support we will keep it that way. PREVENTION IS THE SOLUTION.

Be vigilant and if you suspect any wrongdoing or have any potential crime information to share please feel free to contact me on my contact telephone number, via The Gislingham Parish Council email or the Gislingham Parish Council website and, I will ensure that if required it is passed on to the relevant authorities and featured in my next available report in the Messenger.

Councillor CHRISTOPHER TRANTER / Tel: – 01449 782028


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