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Gislingham Parish Plan

What is a Parish Plan? It’s an opportunity for all those who live or work in the community to have a say in the planning of a sustainable future; and it represents their views and opinions on economic recreational, environmental and development issues in the Village. Why do it? The Parish Plan can be used as a tool to influence the relevant Local Authorities and other Agencies. To enhance funding opportunities for identified projects e.g. Community facilities; and to allow everyone to contribute their ideas and be involved in the future of the community.

How did we do it ?

In October 2009 a public meeting was held in the Gislingham Village Hall to discuss the idea of a Parish Plan and to see who might be willing to help produce it. There was a favourable response to the idea from those present, and a number of people, not part of the Parish Council, offered their assistance. At an initial meeting of those interested on 26th October, a Parish Plan Group (steering committee) was formed.

The group had regular meetings and carried out a number of information gathering events throughout 2010 and 2011. A Questionnaire was produced and delivered to everyone in the village, the results were analysed and the Parish Plan was produced.

The Plan identifies the needs, issues and concerns of the community together with a prioritised Action Plan to make changes.

The Gislingham Parish Plan 2011 was launched in September 2011. Follow the link below to see a copy of the full Plan.

The Parish Plan Group are grateful to all those who contributed to the Parish Plan.