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Chimney fire put out in Back Street

According to the Diss Express, three fire crews were called we put out a chimney fire in a thatched property in Back Street on Saturday night. Fire crews from Eye, Stowmarket and Ixworth were brought in, arriving at 9.30pm. It took around an hour and forty minutes to bring the blaze under control.

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Neighbourhood plans, lighting and more

At the Parish council Meeting held on 17th February there was an extended debate on the present need for a Neighbourhood Plan. Unlike the Parish Plan that was completed in 2011 a Neighbourhood Plan would have significant standing with planning authorities and, under statute, would have to be taken into account for any new developments in the village. Importantly, a Neighbourhood Plan

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Youth club update

All is well at the Youth Club. We have purchased some more table tennis balls and some balls for dodgeball and plan to carry out repairs to some of the other equipment over the half term. We had tentatively planned to have a sleepover on the 7th March but had forgotten that the Variety Club

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