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Parish council update

The Parish Council meeting on 15 August dealt substantially with planning applications. As well as discussing the Planning Enquiry due to be held on 22 and 23 August into the outline planning proposal to build 40 new homes behind Westview Gardens, there was much discussion on the proposal to build five new houses on Mill St opposite Sunnybrook Close. On

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The war against weeds

The growing season is well underway marked by the reappearance of my old foes; ground elder, bindweed and creeping buttercup that I thought I had previously blitzed to kingdom come. Fat chance. Problem is these weeds are near impossible to deter despite extensive mulching that supposedly suppresses growth, spread like wildfire which in my well cultivated garden

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June 22nd 2016: Happy 90th. Birthday, Bob Moyes

Quite a few people will remember Bob Moyes, often seen walking around the Village in his hi-vis jacket listening to his classical music through his earphones. Some may even remember his dog-walking days. However, those sightings have been absent for a few months as Bob, following a long spell of ill-health, is now resident in

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Upcoming Events

Quiz night

£8.50 per ticket which includes a fish and chip supper. Doors open at 7.00 pm. Bring your own drinks and glasses. Tickets available from Terry Williams 01379 783903.

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35th Sponsored Walk and Bike Ride

Once again the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust is running this event. The aim is to raise funds to repair and preserve our churches. Suffolk has around 500 historic medie- val churches as well as non-conformist churches, meeting houses and Catholic churches. These form a vital and vibrant part of our communities and of the tourist

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