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Law making: how does it work?

This month, following a School visit to the Houses of Parliament, Years 5 and 6 learnt about Law Making in Great Britain. Have you ever stopped and considered how a law becomes a law? If so, you’re in luck. The process of making a law is very complicated and takes a lot of thought. A

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Colourful winter gardens

You could be deceived into thinking the winter is the drab time in the garden but if you are lucky enough to have evergreens or plants with coloured bark or stems along with some winter flowers then you are in for a visual treat. Evergreens too make a wonderful backbone to your garden with an enormous range

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In conversation: Jeff Norman and Lawrence Thompson

It’s “Goodbye” from him and it’s “Hello” from him! Jeff is taking over editorship of The Messenger, and conducted an interview with the outgoing editor to mark the occasion. JN: So, this is your final edition as Editor, it’s not too late to change your mind, if you want to? LT: There comes a time

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